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April 22, 2021 - Computerworld

SAP Polska strengthens the management board

Experienced managers join the management board of SAP Polska. Thomas Duschek, President of the Management Board, and Tomasz Zazula, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President of the Management Board, welcomed Katarzyna Rusek, Dorota Zaremba and Piotr Ferszka, who represent the most important business lines and one of the key areas of business support - HR.

Thomas Duschek has been the president and managing director of SAP Polska since May 2020. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Since 2013, he has been associated with the SAP brand, where he was previously responsible for customer service in the retail, production and automotive sectors. Under his leadership, SAP Polska recorded the best quarter in its 25-year history of presence on the Polish market.

Tomasz Zazula is the vice president of SAP Polska responsible for the company's finances. From March 2020, he combines these duties with the function of CFO of SAP Central Europe, overseeing SAP finances in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. He joined SAP in 2002. He has almost 20 years of international finance experience and a significant track record of innovating and new business models.

Katarzyna Rusek, Dorota Zaremba and Piotr Ferszka have joined the existing members of the Management Board of SAP Polska.


- The experience and talents of the entire team combined with top-class technological solutions are the greatest value that we offer to SAP customers in Poland and around the world. Our main goal is to support Polish enterprises in being successful thanks to the use of appropriate technologies. We know that we will be able to do it effectively if we have the best and well-motivated specialists in our team. People are the key to the success of any organization. I am deeply convinced that with managers such as Dorota, Katarzyna, Tomasz and Pio...

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