September 14, 2021

Mid/Senior Frontend Developer

Piwik PRO

A brief introduction


Here at Piwik PRO we are working on our own product. We develop it according to what we decide is worth doing. We shape it, we polish it, we make it live for our clients and for ourselves. You can be one of those making a difference too!


The structure of our team is simple: developers and a product owner. What we’re looking for is a person who fits in our culture, knows their stuff and wants to develop the product, not just code. 


We manage the application layer, which serves as a common ground for other teams. Our daily task is to manage and develop microservice-oriented architecture to make it simple and accessible for other developers, keeping it up-to-date with the latest solutions to enhance performance and security. We cooperate with multiple teams every day to discuss the implemented standards. We are the Platform Team.


We believe in simplicity: our goal is to code clearly and smartly. We are agile: instead of following scripts, we meet daily and Scrum brings us joy. Most of us work remotely now, simply because we choose to. In the office we have our own room where we can focus, have a good time, and do awesome stuff before we call it a day. Our team delivers Frontend, Backend and we do our part of Quality. All in one team.


Most of the time we communicate in Polish. You don’t need to speak perfect English to be a perfect match for us. 


Who are we looking for?


The business concept is to stay a small company. We are looking for a talented and skilled person to help us with delivering Frontend. We will be delighted to have you with us if you value good team relations, support, cooperation, are open-minded and look for solutions to satisfy all stakeholders. 


What skillset is essential for this role?

  • At least 2 years of experience in frontend development and familiarity with the React ecosystem
  • Knowledge of TypeScript
  • Familiarity with Docker
  • Practical knowledge of Unit / Integration testing
  • Strong understanding of HTTP protocol and REST API
  • Background in Webpack, Yarn, GIT
  • Clean code with code review obligatory approach
  • Focus on teamwork and improving existing cross-team solutions 


You are a star to us if you:

  • Have an experience in NodeJS
  • Are familiar with basic UI/UX principles and work with a design team
  • Know how to deal with web analytics domain
  • Are familiar with microservices architecture
  • Are experienced with dependency injection
  • Have an open mind for non-trivial frontend architecture solutions
  • Are open-minded to backend Python


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