May 10, 2021

Senior Python Developer

Piwik PRO

We’re a team of 7, developing two modules in Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. Competencies in frontend & backend development, testing & QA and operations (devops) allow us to cover the whole process of software development. We’ve set the bar high, value quality and professional work culture. 


We pride ourselves with our core module Analytics, a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics, used by 99% of all Piwik PRO customers. It provides marketers with genuine reports generated out of raw data. This brings some challenges to the surface because our product has to maintain  the traffic of millions or even billions requests per month. But we face them bravely thanks to technologies, such as Elasticsearch and ClickHouse.


We offer a warm welcome to all, who value good team relations, support, cooperation, are open-minded and look for solutions to satisfy all parties involved. Hope to see you soon!


We need you to have:

  • At least 4 years of commercial experience with Python along with thorough knowledge of the language itself as well as its ecosystem
  • Excellent knowledge of Django and Django REST Framework
  • Experience in building scalable web apps architectures
  • Familiarity with the asynchronous communication (i.a. WebSocket queuing)
  • An ability to create API for both, internal and external, users (including practical use of REST, oAuth, JWT)
  • A strong belief in unit and integration testing of applications (e.g. with PyTest)
  • Knowledge of SQL, queries optimization, DB sharding and replication
  • Acquaintance with basic issues of web apps security (like CSRF, XSS attacks)
  • Experience with different types of databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis)
  • Fluent command of Polish


We’d love you to have:

  • Knowledge of SQLAlchemy and other web frameworks (e.g. Falcon, Flask)
  • Experience with building applications based on a microservice-oriented architecture
  • Familiarity with container-based virtualization (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes) and provisioning tools (e.g. Ansible)
  • Familiarity with web analytics terms and concepts
  • Any kind of ClickHouse adventure under your belt

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